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Seminar Raspberry PI & Arduino's

Next FITCE seminar on Raspberry pi & arduino's will take place in Q1 2017 (more info to come)

Always wanted to know how you can make yourself a very useful IoT application?
In this session, we will show you how you can build yourself a twittering and e-mailing plant! Or rather, how you can build a sensor that can communicate the water level of your plant to a gateway, that then takes action to inform you in case it is becoming urgent to take care of your plant.


15th - 17th September 2017 - 56th FITCE CONGRESS. Spain

With the collaboration of the Spanish section of the IEEE

Main mission of this Conference: Focus the needs and impacts to the digital transformation in business and society. The implications in the transversal sectors such as logistics; Manufacturing; Tourism; Advanced sectors (aeronautics, automotive;...), and also in the Public Sector.


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